Monday, December 1, 2008

Just call that break my two-week Thanksgiving vacation. I wish.

Bizarre dream Sunday morning:

Cruise ship.
In an economics class on the cruise ship.
Really large class in some type of indoor auditorium.
Someone's putting nuts in my hair.
I put the nuts on the floor and pigeons attack me to get at the nuts.
I hate pigeons.
Addendum: I hate pigeons when they're touching me.
Try to escape crazed pigeons by running up steps.
Apparently there's a restaurant in the class.
But no one goes.
They're too busy a) putting nuts in my hair or b) fighting off crazed pigeons.
I try to climb down off back (stern?) of the cruise ship and discover...
It's in space.
If I fall, I'll just keep falling.
Instead, I grab a zipline.
Zipline is hecka long.
It takes me inside the ship, to the set of a movie.
The family that they're filming asks if I'm all right and takes the nuts out of my hair.
The end.

Interpretations, anyone?

*Pigeon picture from here.

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