Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blurry pictures

New pictures are up on Lydia's blog - I warn you, they are not high quality, but they are cute.

Pictures of our Walk in the Park


I saw this little guy as we were about to leave - you can't tell from this photo, but he was HUGE, and I can't figure out what it is. A giant potgut? Maybe a groundhog? I only say that because he reminded me of the Punxatawney Phil in Groundhog Day, except I'm pretty sure this guy was bigger. And then I walked past and he meandered slowly up that cliff next to him.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Note to Self:

Unless you want Lydia to be mistaken for a boy multiple times, when you go out in public, she must be wearing pink. Even then, it's anything but a sure bet.

Maybe I should just cave and start putting bows on her. I just don't think they're our style. And she's too wiggly - she's always pulling them down around her neck. Isn't that a strangulation hazard?

Rolls with Holes

One of the things I was looking forward to most in New York was eating the famed bagels - the quintessential bagel, if I can say that.

Unfortunately, I've been disappointed.

I have to remind you that I'm not a dummy when it comes to bagels - I've been eating them all my life, and, for the past 2 years, making them. However, our living situation is such that we don't have the things necessary to do much baking - and if we did we would probably just end up cooking ourselves by adding that extra heat to our apartment. So, I was just assuming that we would find a neighborhood deli or bakery that made great bagels and go from there.

WRONG. All our neighborhood bakeries and delis and this weird idea about bagels - namely that you don't have to boil them. LIES! I am here to tell you that a bagel without boiling is just a roll with a hole (line stolen from the writer of our bagel recipe). Seriously - the texture ends up all wrong and I, the consumer, am most seriously displeased.

As you can see, this is causing great unhappiness in my life. What should I do to get my bagel fix?

*image from here.

Also, if you haven't noticed yet, there are a couple new Lydia posts.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Quest to do things

On Tuesday, the New Yorky thing Lydia and I did was to find a library and get a card. One subway stop later, one cranky librarian conquered, one plastic card in hand, I couldn't overcome the final hurdle, which was finding the Children's section at the Inwood branch of the New York Public library. For obvious reasons, I didn't want to even talk to the librarian of crankiness again, so we went home and googled it.'s upstairs. There was an upstairs? Guess we'll be back.

The next day (the day commonly referred to as Wednesday) we were going to go back to the library and to playgroup (or Lunch Bunch, as our ward likes to call it) but things didn't happen quickly enough and we were just lazying around the apartment (more like "in the shower") when the door buzzed - loud and long and repeatedly. I had no idea who it could be, but buzzed them in. Turns out Adam (A) got out of rehearsal/class early and (B) forgot his keys. Good thing we didn't make it to playgroup. Also a good thing the person I buzzed in wasn't some psycho killer intent on butchering us, right?

Which brings us to today, the day we planned to spend moseying around Central Park, to see what we could see. Basically, it didn't happen. Before going to Central Park, we wanted to walk through Times Square (how could we not?), which isn't a problem unless you get on the wrong train and skip all the stops up until 125th street. At that point, we had been walking for an hour and a half and didn't want to back track, so we rescheuled for Saturday and went home. 5 minutes after we walked in the door a thunderstorm started. Maybe it was a good thing Central Park fell through.

I feel like a slackface though - no pictures of Times Square - I was too intent on not looking like a tourist, but when I'm walking around with a camera bag twice the size of my baby's head (and have you seen her head? It's a big 'un), what's the point? Note to self: Just take a lot of pictures.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I Love This City

On Sunday, I had a startling realization. We are a third of the way through our time here. I personally, feel like I haven't even started the whole living in New York process. Well, we've done the essential things, like figure out where to shop and how to get around, but we haven't done many quintessential New York things. But we have had fun. I have pictures to show you of our Staten Island Ferry trip (very nice, especially once Adam got the baby to sleep), and for our anniversary, we went to a great little Indian restaurant (which is how Adam would prefer to be a tourist - just eat all the great food in a city) and Adam works right next to Times Square - so he feels like he's in the thick of things every day. Basically, I am not saying we haven't done anything, but I may be saying that I feel like we haven't done enough. So...Lydia and I are going to start doing things.

One evening last week Adam had to pick something up from the apartment of a guy in his program. So we went on a little family walk. I discovered that by cutting through the subway station, I could take an elevator to the top of the cliff that's in front of our apartment building. Huzzah! No stairs involved! Or at least fewer than if I go through the park. That was going to be a death march with a stroller. Anyway, on our little walk, we discovered what I think is one of the most beautiful parts of the city. It's high up, with views of the city and the river, and there's this park. So awesome. We walked and talked and looked and wished we had a camera and then finished out the night with ice cream from an ice cream truck. Doesn't get better than that. So today (or Monday - which might be today or might be yesterday, depending on when this posts), Lydia and I took a walk to that park. The one on top of the cliff. Coincidentally, the home of The Cloisters, a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art - pretty much a really cool building put together from all these old medieval buildings that were going to get torn down, and the place now houses the Met's collection of medieval and renaissance art. I wanted to go and see it, maybe go inside (depending on how much I was going to be able to swallow my pride and pay less than the suggested donation). We walked around, Lydia slept, I took pictures, and it was generally gorgeous. This city knows how to do parks. I don't know if it's an East Coast thing, but I love parks here. Lots of shaded benches, tons of old and huge trees, beautiful (but not too manicured) flower beds, and perfect views in all directions. I feel like the parks that I'm used to (i.e. Utah parks) do big families and entertaining for kids parks, but not parks for the individual. And that's what Fort Tryon Park is. A park for the individual. For walking and sitting and thinking. It reminded me of parks in London, honestly.

I had a great time and felt like I had a nice New Yorky thing going on. Everyone was so nice, too. An old man sitting on a bench (not wearing much, I might add) said "Take it easy, honey. It's hot out," and then complained about the ice cream truck not being on time. A group of teens on their bikes came whizzing around a corner just as I was about to turn it. The leader called back - "Be Careful, Dudes. BABY!" And then everyone of them called out "BABY" to the ones behind and apologized for not seeing me sooner. So pretty. So - if you're ever on the north end of Manhattan, spend an afternoon in Fort Tryon Park and walk through the Heather Garden. Take a picnic and eat it on a nice shady bench. You'll like it.

Only damper on my day - the only entrance to the Cloisters I could find involved a flight of stairs. Doesn't that violate some sort of accessibility law? Only people who can walk (and don't have babies) can appreciate art, clearly.

Maybe I'll put pictures on this post tomorrow when I can use Adam's computer. Until then, sorry about the wall of text. Love you if you got this far.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What we have learned in the past few weeks:

  • I speak better Spanish than I do Russian.
  • The MTA is not in the habit of blowing up suspicious packages on their subway platforms. Thanks to this oversight, Adam's scriptures are intact.
  • Lydia actually loves rice cereal. You know before, when we thought she hated it? Really, she was just like, "PSYCH!"
  • On a related note, highchairs really are a necessary baby item.
  • On another related note, Craigslist is our favorite - in the past couple months, we have gotten an AWESOME (and relatively cheap) sublet, sold our car, and gotten a perfect highchair on that great list of Craig's (or - which, let's admit, KSL kinda kifed from Craig).
  • Eastern European mustard doesn't mess around. Clears out your sinuses, that does.
  • Having a baby with you can make the crustiest of New Yorkers smile.
  • I am perfectly capable of navigating the New York subway system with a baby in a stroller (sans husband). I feel so empowered.
  • The above is only made possible because of our wonderful stroller. We love Maclarens! Along with the rest of New York.
  • Government employees hate me.
  • We moved into THE ward to live in if you sing Opera. Seriously, the amount of singers in this ward is ridiculous.
  • Lydia loves it when we sing. She apparently inherited her father's affinity for music. Not sure if she's a discerning listener, though - she likes my singing just as much as Adam's. Also - whistling is the coolest thing since sliced bread, or in this case, rice cereal.
  • Humidity really is beastly - but hey, no need to use lotion!
  • Making meals is easier when you only have 3 ingredients. No decisions necessary.
  • Singers in New York are surprisingly similar to singers at BYU, but make more slightly inappropriate jokes.
  • Breaking into our apartment is surprisingly easy. How comforting.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a big kid

On Memorial Day we went to a farmish type thing with Adam's sister and her three girls. Adam started out the day by attempting to not be photographed. So unenthused.Look - an unhappy smile.

But then he saw the train.And had quite a bit of fun proving that he could fit through spaces meant for small children.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Check it out - this is our apartment!

Sorry about the bad lighting, but this is basically what the apartment we're subletting looks like. We couldn't be happier with it.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Lydia posts

There are new posts on Lydia's private blog. Let me know if you need an invite. Included in those posts is a way to watch that darned video!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What the heck, Blogger?

This is what blogger thinks our apartment looks like.


I spent all of yesterday trying to upload a video of Lydia's first time eating rice cereal. It failed about 80 times, so I've given up - I will have to find a different way of doing it. She hated it anyway. We tried again today and she hated it even more. She would turn her head way over to the side and refuse to open her mouth while Adam was trying to shove the stuff down her throat. Poor kid. She's too distracted to nurse and too picky to eat. Guess she'll starve.

Well, we live in NYC now. We think our apartment is just perfect for us and are enjoying ourselves so far (although the prospect of going out and doing anything besides grocery shopping has so far been too daunting to overcome). I took a bunch of pictures of the apartment that are loading on to the computer right now - I'll post them when we get a chance.

Any suggestions for navigating NYC with a baby in a stroller (one who hates humidity?)? Or fun things to do? Or hints for getting a picky baby to eat? Please, let me know.