Friday, June 25, 2010

Rolls with Holes

One of the things I was looking forward to most in New York was eating the famed bagels - the quintessential bagel, if I can say that.

Unfortunately, I've been disappointed.

I have to remind you that I'm not a dummy when it comes to bagels - I've been eating them all my life, and, for the past 2 years, making them. However, our living situation is such that we don't have the things necessary to do much baking - and if we did we would probably just end up cooking ourselves by adding that extra heat to our apartment. So, I was just assuming that we would find a neighborhood deli or bakery that made great bagels and go from there.

WRONG. All our neighborhood bakeries and delis and this weird idea about bagels - namely that you don't have to boil them. LIES! I am here to tell you that a bagel without boiling is just a roll with a hole (line stolen from the writer of our bagel recipe). Seriously - the texture ends up all wrong and I, the consumer, am most seriously displeased.

As you can see, this is causing great unhappiness in my life. What should I do to get my bagel fix?

*image from here.

Also, if you haven't noticed yet, there are a couple new Lydia posts.


Anonymous said...

That is so disappointing! I'm sorry!

Bonnie said...

I know! Tragic, huh. I might die.

Linda said...

ooo i would love to get your bagel recipe...

brynn said...

H&H Bagels on the upper west side have fabulous bagles (at least they did last time I was in NY... the famed summer of 2007).

I love reading about all of your adventures!