Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What we have learned in the past few weeks:

  • I speak better Spanish than I do Russian.
  • The MTA is not in the habit of blowing up suspicious packages on their subway platforms. Thanks to this oversight, Adam's scriptures are intact.
  • Lydia actually loves rice cereal. You know before, when we thought she hated it? Really, she was just like, "PSYCH!"
  • On a related note, highchairs really are a necessary baby item.
  • On another related note, Craigslist is our favorite - in the past couple months, we have gotten an AWESOME (and relatively cheap) sublet, sold our car, and gotten a perfect highchair on that great list of Craig's (or ksl.com - which, let's admit, KSL kinda kifed from Craig).
  • Eastern European mustard doesn't mess around. Clears out your sinuses, that does.
  • Having a baby with you can make the crustiest of New Yorkers smile.
  • I am perfectly capable of navigating the New York subway system with a baby in a stroller (sans husband). I feel so empowered.
  • The above is only made possible because of our wonderful stroller. We love Maclarens! Along with the rest of New York.
  • Government employees hate me.
  • We moved into THE ward to live in if you sing Opera. Seriously, the amount of singers in this ward is ridiculous.
  • Lydia loves it when we sing. She apparently inherited her father's affinity for music. Not sure if she's a discerning listener, though - she likes my singing just as much as Adam's. Also - whistling is the coolest thing since sliced bread, or in this case, rice cereal.
  • Humidity really is beastly - but hey, no need to use lotion!
  • Making meals is easier when you only have 3 ingredients. No decisions necessary.
  • Singers in New York are surprisingly similar to singers at BYU, but make more slightly inappropriate jokes.
  • Breaking into our apartment is surprisingly easy. How comforting.


Rachel said...

Holy Smokes. This is an amazing post. So so great!!!!! Thanks for writing this! I want adventures like you someday. Seriously. :)

mom said...

so good to hear about your adventures. We miss you.

Linda said...

wow. lots of new adventures!! you are amazing!!

Bonnie said...

Rachel - I'm glad you liked the post - you should write on your Reese's Piece's blog - so clever! How are wedding plans coming?

Mom - thanks for always being supportive and commenting!

And Linda, I commented on your blog, so...that pretty much says it.