Wednesday, September 29, 2010


One of my absolute favorite things that we did in the whole 2 months of New Yorkiness was walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. We had spent the whole day running around Brooklyn (closed museum, closed museum, Coney Island, no food, no food, lots of walking, feed baby on sketchy park bench, spicy hot dogs, no ice cream, no ice cream, lots of walking, expensive (but good) ice cream, lots of walking and then we were at the Brooklyn Bridge. The sun was setting behind Manhattan and it was GORGEOUS. I was sad that Adam couldn't be there, but glad that I got to share a favorite moment with my Dad, Laura, Christian and Ali (and Lydia, of course).

Someday, when we are rich and famous (actually, when Adam is famous and I get to partake in just the rich part), I want to spend an anniversary or other special occasion at this little restaurant under (kind of) the Brooklyn Bridge. It looks out over the water and just looks so sweet. Someone put a bug in Adam's ear? I know for a fact he doesn't read this blog. So all my secrets are safe.

Seriously, gorgeous - do this if you're ever in NYC. The expensive (but good) ice cream place was called the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (I think) and is right next to that cute restaurant and by "right next to" I mean "across some water from." The first, last, and middle picture on this post came from there.

P.S. Lydia posts are up. She's cuter than ever.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Punks Visited

And we had a grand old time at Coney Island and the MoMA (not in that order). The kids actually rode on the roller coasters. Ali gave the Cyclone a thumbs down, but all three of them enjoyed the ferris wheel/roller coaster. Lydia, Dad and I stayed firmly planted on solid ground.
Ali after the cyclone. "I'm sure happy to still be alive!"

Something about having a baby has made me kinda averse to extreme sports (if riding a roller coaster is either extreme or a sport, which it's not). It used to be fun to feel like I was going to die. Not so anymore. Is this a normal Mom response?

The MoMA was fun. I was impressed with how well my sibs knew Modern art (I had expected them to be bored). And then we made our own art. Doesn't Laura belong in a museum?And we, of course, saw some famous stuff.