Monday, December 3, 2012

The kiddos

Baby Rafe stopped taking a binky a couple days ago. It's made things interesting around here. Adam had a rough day at church because the boy just wouldn't nap. That's all kinds of fun. I guess that means we won't have to break him of it. He will rebel in a serious way if you try to give it to him, involving grabbing the binky and throwing it.

Rafe is SO mobile and crazy. Holding him for any amount of time is basically impossible. Which is why we're going to take him on a plane. As a lap child. Pray for us.

Lydia turns 3 this week. We'll be having a "Teddy Bear Picnic" Birthday party. She is all kinds of fun and has been enjoying learning about (and repeating) the Christmas nativity story.

A couple weeks ago, we asked her what she was doing. "Eating a treat. Because that's the way Yi (Lydia) rolls."

She has quite the sweet-tooth. We've told this story to almost everyone we know, so you've probably already heard it, but I thought I'd write it down so we can remember it.

A couple months ago, Adam and I went on a little impromptu date to a ghetto donut shop in town. We brought home a couple extras, thinking we would share one with Lyds in the morning. Apparently Adam showed her the donuts and told her she could have one in the morning. I didn't know that, and when I went down to the kitchen in the middle of the night, one of the donuts was gone. I assumed Adam had gotten snacky and didn't think much of it, leaving the other one for L in the morning. The next morning I went down to get Lydia her milk and cheerios (always first thing around here) and both donuts were gone. Again, I assumed Adam had gotten snacky and so I didn't mention the donuts. About an hour later, Adam asked me "did you and Lyds both get a donut this morning?" Clearly we had a donut thief in our midst. We asked Lydia if she had eaten a donut and she said "A brown one and a pink one!" At least she's honest. The kid is quiet. She must have eaten one after we thought she was in bed and then gotten up early and eaten the other. Really?