Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Punks Visited

And we had a grand old time at Coney Island and the MoMA (not in that order). The kids actually rode on the roller coasters. Ali gave the Cyclone a thumbs down, but all three of them enjoyed the ferris wheel/roller coaster. Lydia, Dad and I stayed firmly planted on solid ground.
Ali after the cyclone. "I'm sure happy to still be alive!"

Something about having a baby has made me kinda averse to extreme sports (if riding a roller coaster is either extreme or a sport, which it's not). It used to be fun to feel like I was going to die. Not so anymore. Is this a normal Mom response?

The MoMA was fun. I was impressed with how well my sibs knew Modern art (I had expected them to be bored). And then we made our own art. Doesn't Laura belong in a museum?And we, of course, saw some famous stuff.


britt said...

this reminds me that I still haven't gotten to the San Francisco MoMa, but I'm GONNA.

mom said...

Totally normal "Mom" response. Now you just want to be around to care for your cute daughter. Great pictures! Thanks