Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Quest to do things

On Tuesday, the New Yorky thing Lydia and I did was to find a library and get a card. One subway stop later, one cranky librarian conquered, one plastic card in hand, I couldn't overcome the final hurdle, which was finding the Children's section at the Inwood branch of the New York Public library. For obvious reasons, I didn't want to even talk to the librarian of crankiness again, so we went home and googled it.'s upstairs. There was an upstairs? Guess we'll be back.

The next day (the day commonly referred to as Wednesday) we were going to go back to the library and to playgroup (or Lunch Bunch, as our ward likes to call it) but things didn't happen quickly enough and we were just lazying around the apartment (more like "in the shower") when the door buzzed - loud and long and repeatedly. I had no idea who it could be, but buzzed them in. Turns out Adam (A) got out of rehearsal/class early and (B) forgot his keys. Good thing we didn't make it to playgroup. Also a good thing the person I buzzed in wasn't some psycho killer intent on butchering us, right?

Which brings us to today, the day we planned to spend moseying around Central Park, to see what we could see. Basically, it didn't happen. Before going to Central Park, we wanted to walk through Times Square (how could we not?), which isn't a problem unless you get on the wrong train and skip all the stops up until 125th street. At that point, we had been walking for an hour and a half and didn't want to back track, so we rescheuled for Saturday and went home. 5 minutes after we walked in the door a thunderstorm started. Maybe it was a good thing Central Park fell through.

I feel like a slackface though - no pictures of Times Square - I was too intent on not looking like a tourist, but when I'm walking around with a camera bag twice the size of my baby's head (and have you seen her head? It's a big 'un), what's the point? Note to self: Just take a lot of pictures.


April said...

oh my, life in nyc, sounds so fun!! glad you are out and about!

Bonnie said...

April - I love reading about your adventures in San Diego! Sounds like the life!