Thursday, June 3, 2010


I spent all of yesterday trying to upload a video of Lydia's first time eating rice cereal. It failed about 80 times, so I've given up - I will have to find a different way of doing it. She hated it anyway. We tried again today and she hated it even more. She would turn her head way over to the side and refuse to open her mouth while Adam was trying to shove the stuff down her throat. Poor kid. She's too distracted to nurse and too picky to eat. Guess she'll starve.

Well, we live in NYC now. We think our apartment is just perfect for us and are enjoying ourselves so far (although the prospect of going out and doing anything besides grocery shopping has so far been too daunting to overcome). I took a bunch of pictures of the apartment that are loading on to the computer right now - I'll post them when we get a chance.

Any suggestions for navigating NYC with a baby in a stroller (one who hates humidity?)? Or fun things to do? Or hints for getting a picky baby to eat? Please, let me know.


Kristine said...

Glad you guys are all settled in NYC. Sorry Lydia doesn't like rice cereal. She'll love food eventually. :) I don't know how thick you made it, but my advice would be to make it thinner and make sure it's warm enough. But she may not like it for awhile. For Audrey, when I make it, I get it really, really thin so that it's just a little thicker than milk. Good luck with that and finding fun things to do with a baby in tow.

Hilary said...

You don't have to start with rice cereal, that's just the common thing to do. Start with baby oatmeal cereal. Lydia might like the richer flavor since rice cereal is so bland. Good luck!

Hilary said...

Oh, and don't use water the first few times you make it. Use breast milk or formula, which ever she is used to, or the cereal will be so foreign tasting she will reject it.

Linda said...

Little Italy is a fantastic place to eat. Great stuff all over the place. But the real treasure there is Ferarros. It's a celestial bakery. I mean SERIOUSLY amazing.
Don't forget central park. It's a great place to catch some sun and stroll with a little one.

mom said...

None of my kids ever ate baby cereal. They all hated it and I didn't push it. So just find WIC and get all of those baby fruits and veggies and meats for her. Love you

Linda said...

My friend who lives in NYC with two small boys suggested this site for tips on getting around the city with a baby:

She also pointed out that a Utah diaper bag is way different from an NYC diaper bag--pack only the essentials because you have carry everything with you. But don't let having a baby keep you inside, she said there's plenty to do (for free) with a baby in NYC.