Saturday, December 13, 2008

Conversation following Katie's trip to my bathroom

Katie: "Bonnie, you have fancy shampoo.
Bonnie: I beg to differ. Adam has fancy shampoo.
Adam: Lies, we got that for our wedding.
Bonnie: Not that shampoo, the shampoo I found in one of your boxes. You take good care of your hair.
Adam: Oh, that? I probably stole that from my mom or something.
Bonnie: Really?
Adam: Maybe.
Katie: It's one hundred percent vegan.

I laughed. Maybe you had to be there.


Adam said...

I think that Bonnie just likes to misrepresent me on this blog. :^)

Stubbs said...

No Adam, I really think that you take care of your hair really well. You have luxurious locks.I'm glad I'm in their presence often.

Linda said...

I'm pretty sure the fancy shampoo really did belong to Adam--our mom doesn't buy fancy shampoo; and Adam had his own bathroom when he lived at home, so he wasn't sharing shampoo with anyone.