Monday, December 1, 2008

I was made for a life of leisure

I had a fabulous Thanksgiving break.

My recipe for perfect vacations:
Forget about school and work.
Just have fun.
Eat three scrumptious Thanksgiving dinners.

There are drawbacks to this perfection, namely arriving back in the real world with an annoying bump, made the more jarring by the extra pounds you gained from all the stuffing.

Based on the eats, Adam and I decided that certain recipes are necessary for our health and happiness (or maybe just the happiness):
My grandma's stuffing
My great-grandma's cranberry sauce
The infamous orange rolls (that take over your kitchen in a gigantic sticky gooiness)
Josie's key-lime pie
Brined turkey
Linda's experimental stuffing

I slacked and didn't take any pictures, not even of the fun Thanksgiving day with guitar hero at our cabin, but other people did. Maybe I'll post them. No promises.

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