Monday, December 22, 2008

I really, really like this guy named Adam case you haven't figured that out yet. However, sometimes he thinks that I only post his oddities on this blog, instead of all his good parts. As I've discovered some quirks of his that are too good not to post, I'm getting on his good side by writing a glowing description of the love-of-my-life before I get to the fun stuff.
I'm a fan of the blog Cupcakes take the Cake, although they publish somewhere in the ballpark of 803 posts a day, which is overwhelming for my already over-stressed brain. This might seem out-of-character for me, since baking has never been a strong point, but eating is, so it's all good. Some of their photos just make me drool. On last Monday, the 15th of December (or maybe the Ides of December. Does that work?), they announced National Cupcake Day. What's not to love? I mentioned it to Adam, with a proposition for cupcake-making later in the day, but with finals and everything, we didn't get around to it (did I mention that last week was not so good? Finals=bleh). The next day was a rough one for me, lots of stressors, and my Econ finals approaching were filling me with an unshakeable feeling of impending doom. Adam went on an essentials-only shopping trip, which turned out to be a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, cupcake liners, and chocolate frosting. "Why don't we make some of those cupcakes? It's a day late, but they should still count." Isn't he sweet? I think I'll keep him.


Anonymous said...

CUTE! You better keep him ;)

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