Sunday, December 21, 2008


I just learned how to post-date a post. Therefore, this post was written on Saturday, and it will not appear until Sunday, which is pretty spiffy.

Recently, my younger, morally-opposed-to-blogging, brother, Steven, berated me for not posting enough. Apparently, the least I can do for my "die-hard fans" like him (his words, not mine), is post more often. The problem is that I don't have anything to write, or I've forgotten what I was going to write by the time I snag a few minutes to pour thoughts onto the computer screen (you didn't think this was anything but a stream-of-consciousness blog, did you?) in a somewhat comprehensible form, or that I think it's too boring to post without pictures too often, etc., etc. My sister, Katie, described me as a sporadic blogger, meaning that I post a lot when I choose to, but in between it's just crickets. So, instead of posting multiple random thoughts at a time, maybe from this point on I will just post-date any posts beyond one that I write at a time, and then you guys will think that I'm all on top of things and doing the daily posting thing (haha, suckers!).

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