Saturday, December 20, 2008

Update on Secrets

Remember this post? I found out what it was that Adam was plotting. My Christmas present! Months early! Now, it seems, the thing that he was scheming about has found its way to the virtually non-existent pile of presents under our tree (that we got yesterday because Katie and Sterling went to California and gave us theirs! HUZZAH!) with my name on it. And I'm still going crazy. En serio. He keeps giving me little hints. Here's what I know about this gift:
  • According to Adam, it will be the best present I've ever gotten, with the possible exception of my engagement ring/wedding ring.
  • It will make me want to have children (??? (by the way, I do want kids)).
  • You can buy it on Ebay (I have never spent much time on Ebay, so I originally thought this was more of a hint than it actually is. Bonnie: "But you can't buy, say, a piano on ebay!" Adam: "Yes you can." Bonnie: "Oh. Dang."
  • There are new and old versions of this gift.
  • It is not made of titanium, and is breakable.
I just don't know what to make of it. Without the last hint (just today), I thought...a trip to Disneyland? You know, there's the old Disneyland, but then there's California Adventure, which is new. I just... don't know.

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miss britt said...

um... the ebay hint = the worst hint ever. you can by ANYTHING on ebay. one time I was doing a paper on russian plutonium so I googled that phrase. and on the side bar (the one for advertising and stuff) it said, "Russian Plutonium: anything you're looking for, you can find it on ebay"

Jean said...

Now I realy want to know what the mystery gift is!