Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bad Blogger Bonnie

It's been roughly two weeks since my last post. Blogging is an odd thing for me, where something happens, and I think, "I should blog about that," and then I forget what it was, but know it was awesome, so I don't blog, thinking I'll remember and then something else happens, and the same thing happens with that, so that's 2 awesome posts the internet is not graced with and so the cycle continues and I'm stuck in a vortex of not blogging. How's that for a run-on sentence. I'm leaving it. Just to bug you. Moving on.

Things that have happened that I considered blogging about but haven't gotten around to or forgot why they were so awesome to start with.
  • Two really gorgeous photo essays I found
  • The funeral of a bird. Can I play "Funeral March of a Marionette" even though Skitters/Kapeesch was no such thing?
  • Freshman dorm reunion
  • Finishing research papers. HUZZAH!
  • Cannibalism and child-snatching
  • Teresa tagged me. I know. I'll get there.
  • I've got the makings of a really awesome ice cream post, but it's a daunting task.
But it's late. So these will wait. Right?


Stubbs said...

I better get to it.

Kristine said...

We will be anxiously awaiting your ice cream post. And sad to not have been graced with your other awesome ideas, but I understand as blogging was always harder to get to than I thought it should be. Hence, no more Nate and Kristine blog.