Monday, November 10, 2008

Sunday is a special day

This morning (yesterday, technically), late for church as usual, I asked Adam to help put together my bag of church essentials.

What I asked him to include:

What ended up in the bag:
My Bible (Oh, we're studying the Book of Mormon in Sunday School? Wheps)
A rape whistle Adam mistook for chapstick.

Well done, love. But thank you for helping out.

During sacrament meeting, after discovering my lack of preparedness for church, the ward primary program was announced. Whispers swept through the congregation. Now seriously, who doesn't love to watch itty-bitty, tone-deaf kidlums try to sing primary songs? The whole meeting was hilarious, in an "oh, how sweet!" kind of way. The funniness was increased by the fact that our primary only consists of 3 kids or so, and only one actually knew the words (or sang them). She liked the microphone quite a bit, and when one of her leaders tried to make it so we could hear one of the other kids, she'd nudge them out of the way until that microphone was all hers again. Oh, kids. Cute.


Adam said...

Love, you know I'm incompetent at stuff like that. My plan is to make you realize that I don't know where anything is, and that I'm incapable of finding things even if you tell me where they are. Then I won't have to do stuff, right? :^) You gotta be really smart to be this dumb.

Jean said...

Our primary program was last week too, and Slice and I had a blast. The best Sacrament Meeting I've attended in a long time. :)

Linda said...

Adam has a lot of awesome skills. At least he tried to help though, right?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love that story. Totally made my day.