Thursday, October 2, 2008

The money says it all

I've been learning about some stuff. Like Economics. Considering that that's what I'm studying. Interesting junk, that Economics. Like the following: studies have shown that increasing a person's income does not increase self-reported happiness. The exception is if the person started in extreme poverty. And now for the grand question: Given this information, what are we doing here?
The 'we' used above could refer to many groups.
a. The entire human race, at least those already living at a comfortable level (above poverty). Often, the point of our lives seems to be to get more money, so we can be happier. But if we won't...what's the point?
b. My fellow economists and I who spend our lives trying to figure out how to make people richer, and how to maximize 'utility' (which is not, under any circumstances, happiness).
c. Just me, trying to earn a little cash, plugging along, searching for happiness, which money doesn't bring. Great

So...what now? I want to help people get to the initial happiness level. Conquer world poverty. Can I do that as an economist? I guess I'll see.

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miss britt said...

yeah, I just decided to apply to work full time with a bunch of finance firms. like. today. I'll have them all done by Sunday. So maybe we could talk dollas sometime