Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stop and smell the roses

On my list of loves is learning new skills. My sister (wait, there are no posts on that blog? Maybe someone should fix that), with her mad cake-decorating skillz, taught me how to make gorgeous roses out of fondant in anticipation of our great-grandmother's 95th birthday bash. It turns out that these little suckers are the result of quite the long process. You make the fondant, color the fondant, roll out the fondant, use cookie cutters to cut out a basic flower shape (3 of them, in fact), and then the fun begins.

Not that we're proud or anything, but we were pleased with the results. The cupcakes reminded me of .

*Blogger is driving me bonkers - is there any way to make this column wider?


miss britt said...

oh my word you're so gifted...

I have no such gifts.

Stubbs said...

Holy crud that's awesome.
Oh I'm totally with you, I wish I could make the dang column wider.