Thursday, October 9, 2008

At least they had fun, right?

Warning: It is far too early for anyone named me to be awake. Please forgive potential incoherence.

I discovered a pet peeve yesterday. Let me set the scene. Nearly empty parking lot. A lone black car sitting innocently in its stall, the back still proclaiming proudly, "Just Married." Bon and her sibs strolling towards said car, unaware that the gamble of parking in 30 minute parking for 40 minutes had ended badly. They stop and stare at a malicious parking attendant walking away from the little Nissan. Yes, the university police felt the need to ticket a car occupying a spot with very little interest to other beings on the planet. No one else needed that space. The demand was low, the supply was high. Economics dictates that the price of my spot was low. Very low. Lower than the price of my parking ticket. Drat you university police for ignoring common sense. If the entire parking lot is empty, why bother being such sticklers? Those extra ten minutes didn't inconvenience anyone. To sum up: My new pet peeve is parking attendants who seem to have lost the ability to look at a situation logically.

No, seriously, I wasn't that bugged, but...hey. It's the principle of the thing. Righteous indignance (a redundant phrase, by the by, and grammatically incorrect) was called for.

I may have exaggerated just a tiny bit. There were a few other cars parked in that particular lot, evidenced by the fact that when I was pulling out, I got the Nissan wedged between the two, in a way that I couldn't escape without an approximately 11-point turn. Curse you my lack of power steering and weak little arms. I'm such an awesome driver. My siblings got a laugh out of that one - at least they had fun, right?

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miss britt said...

I have been contemplating a pet peeves list for a couple weeks that you have named at least one, I feel totally justified. Brace yourself. It's going to be awesome.