Sunday, October 19, 2008

How could I have forgotten to blog about marching band?

I am a nerd. No questions asked. When wallowing in my nerd-dom, I sometimes like to do tremendously nerdy things like go to marching band shows. On a cold night, you go to a football stadium and watch high schoolers walk (some call it marching) around the field playing music. Fun, eh? No, really, it is! And, I apologize in advance for the bad quality of these photos. We were high up! It was dark! My camera doesn't zoom well! It sometimes decides to focus on things other than the foreground! Give me a break.

To summarize:
  • My younger sister's school swept the awards for their division. HUZZAH (and, P.S., why does Laura always have to be cooler than me?)! And I forgot to take pictures. DANG! But those lines were straight, those toes were high, those flanks were sharp, those flags were in sync, those crescendos were effective, and everyone there was in awe. The pictures here are of a different school with the same colors - same dif, right?
  • Some schools choose themes for their shows. One school: Braveheart. So awesome, is all I have to say. Besides the fact that one of the colorguard pretended to die and was carried off the field by a male member of the colorguard, who then charged back onto the field with his wooden sword to avenge her wrongs.
  • Another school's theme: The Island. The colorguard were dressed like savages. And acted like it. Lord of the Flies, anyone?
  • I believe that it is illegal, in the state of Utah, to march with a bassoon. Tragedy of my life. However, some schools find ways to get around that (yes, this picture was taken through the lens of some binoculars. I've got mad skillz).
  • I saw a baritone bite the dust...grass. I felt vindicated. Those things are HEAVY and your center of mass is not where it normally is.
  • All of my siblings were there and it was a blast.
See? Quite fun.

*the bands pictured are not necessarily the ones mentioned.

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Rachel said...

I totally watched "Drumline" last weekend so I have marching band on the brain. Didn't really like the movie though.