Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hallowentine's Day

Seeing plump orange gourds of varying shapes and sizes at Macey's today reminded me of October's awesomeness. Approximately one year ago, I spent my hours at work either (a) talking with this cute guy who was totally safe because he had a missionary, or (b) over analyzing the actions of said cute guy because let's face it, I was hooked. Pumpkins relate, I promise. Cute guy asked me out a couple times in October and by Halloween, we had decided to embrace what was hitting us over the heads with a large stick and are now happily married. So...Halloween is a really great day (regardless of the fact that All Hallow's Eve definitely has some death associations). So much so, that I have to smile when I see pumpkins. Just a few days after our Halloween date, we carved pumpkins. I must say that our pumpkins spank your pumpkins, unless you typically carve in various modern art styles. I was Cubism. He was Minimalism.
We plan to make this a tradition. Any ideas for the theme of this year's pumpkins?

By the way, the top painting is by Picasso, The Guitar Player, followed by Piet Mondrian's Composition No. 10.

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