Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What to do when you've got time on your hands

Things I have come up with to do in the hospital:

  • Miss my family
  • Learn how to crochet
  • Work on a service project my Mom brought over
  • Eat (i.e. order all the desserts on the menu for lunch just because I can)
  • Read (now taking good book suggestions). Working through The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins
  • Watch random Netflix shows (Storage Wars so far)
  • Write thank you notes/I love you notes
  • Record myself reading Charlotte's Web for kiddos
  • Go to the bathroom all the time (they're pumping me full of fluids)
  • Watch a movie eventually...if I can figure out a dvd player situation - if not, Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing might come through in a pinch.
  • Make these 
  • Read Scriptures
  • Plan how I would spend money I don't have on Rafe's birthday presents (he's going to be 3!)
  • Get annoyed at the physical therapists who made me walk around the floor without even asking.
  • Contemplate the possibility of losing my hair...again.
I have not yet resorted to playing on my phone or wasting time on the internet. Aren't you proud?

Also, remind me to brag to the internets about the quilt I made for Rafe and the Princess dress I made for Lydia.


Mom Walton said...

You can go through your blogs and decide which ones you want to print. We would love to get them printed for your family. I will see if we have any good books. And let us know your ideas for Rafe's birthday. Sorry we have not been over to visit. Adam said not to come on Monday in case your felt badly, and we could not come tonight. Can I stop by tomorrow afternoon? Love you so much.

Dad Walton said...

Have you thought about indexing?

Michelle said...

sounds like a cruise vacation... almost...
lay around, eat lots of desserts, read books...
just imagine you're on the sunny beach and it will seem like luxury! :)
hang in there friend.

Bonnie said...

I haven't been getting informed of comments, weirdly.

Yes, I have been doing some indexing.

Yes, should go through my blog. It's a bit overwhelming - I'll have to find something to motivate me.

You can come visit anytime you like - you may want to call before you come - apparently I'm...popular... I will think about Rafe's birthday.

Yes, Michelle - it does seem like that, except for the wires, beeping, no sleep, going to the bathroom ALL the time. But you're right, as hospital stays go, this is a good one.

Whitney Hardie said...

All these projects sound fabulous! Charlotte's Web was the first chapter book I ever read, and I think a recording of you reading it will be such a treasure for your children.

Also, I want to see the quilt and the dress you made! I've been thinking of you lots and lots. You did leave us hanging on the blog, but I'm glad it's because you've been having such quality family time.

Jamie Christensen said...

Excellent list, and yes, I AM impressed that you were spending your time on all these productive thing and not just playing around (first verb choice that came to mind: dinking around) on the internet :) Well done!