Monday, February 9, 2015

Stupidly easy trick

It may be news to you that my legs don't work so hot right now. I not-so-lovingly refer to them as "those tubes of meat down below my hips." In addition, my knees have shown a tendency to buckle at random moments. As a result, walking at all, and particularly using stairs, is...difficult at best.

A couple weeks ago, while I was making my way carefully down the stairs, one of my knees gave out and I pitched headfirst down the stairwell. By some miracle, Adam happened to be walking up the stairs at the time and caught me before I smashed my skull open. Talk about knight in shining armor.

After this terrifying incident, whenever I needed to go downstairs, I would just sit on the top step and scoot down one stair at a time. It was clunky, but safe.

My doctor had me sign up for some physical therapy sessions. He found out how I was approaching the stairs and chuckled.

"Can I teach you a trick?"

Me, eagerly: "Of course."

"When you're standing at the top, turn around, hold the bannister, and walk down backwards."


So simple it's stupid.

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Jamie Christensen said...

That sounds much safer :) This made me think of somethings that someone once told me—that a secret is just something we didn't know until someone told us about it.