Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Date your Spouse

Adam and I have never been very good at going on "dates." When we were dating, we just hung out, ate Wendy's, and watched movies. When we were newly married we mostly played video games (slightly embarrassing admission) together. When we moved to Indiana, we never had babysitters, so we again watched movies, or did other "at-home-dates." But since we moved back to Utah (Especially since we're living with my Mom), there is a seemingly endless supply of willing and eager babysitters, and even some who have bankrolled dates for us.


It is so nice to get away with just your spouse for awhile. To not worry about your kids. To not be in the mess and clutter of your bedroom. To talk and laugh like you used to when you were dating.

We've had a few dates recently that have just been awesome.

When we first moved back to Utah, some (overwhelmingly kind and fun) friends invited us to go to Wicked with them in Salt Lake. Adam isn't really a musical person, but I am, so I was really excited. We met up for delicious German food next door to The Capitol Theatre at Siegfried's before the performance. Good food, good company, good entertainment - nothing not to love. We all enjoyed ourselves a ton and since then got together for a weekend at our cabin (got to do again). Thanks for such a great date, Rachel and Dorian!

Back in the fall (maybe November?), Katie and Sterling invited us to stay with them in Sterling's boss' timeshare in Park City. Good times were had by all. We ate good food, played fun games, watched a movie, ate more food, and just generally had a blast.

For Christmas, my brother Clark generously gave us a date - he said to pick a day, and he'd plan the whole date for us. So we called him up one Friday and asked if it was too late to get one planned for that evening. He rose to the occasion. He went above and beyond. He got us reservations at a fantastic restaurant in Heber called Snake Creek Grill, to start with, and told us to order whatever we wanted, really - appetizers, desserts, etc. We took him up on that and spent way too much of his money. We ate elk. It was delicious! Who knew? And I ordered an Australian whitefish that I just had to look up the name for because I had forgotten. Barramundi. It was fantastic as well. The whole atmosphere was so lovely and we felt so pampered. We chuckled at ourselves because we were expecting (based on Yelp reviews) a cowboy restaurant - maybe barbeque? but it was a very upscale establishment and we probably should have been wearing something nicer than jeans...wheps. Then we drove back down to Provo and went to The Imitation Game with Benedict Cumberbatch (fist pump) which was also fantastic. Such a nice evening. Best brother ever.

I have great aunts and uncles. Another date we went on was sponsored by Joe and Kathleen - my Dad's sister and her husband. They wanted to go to an Opera at Utah Opera and asked the resident Opera expert, Adam which one they should go to as relative newbies to the Opera scene. In addition to a recommendation, they asked us to go with them. Once again, it was so fun and exciting to spend time with Adam and with my great relatives. The Opera was beautiful (The Pearl Fishers) by Bizet, with a couple duets that I know well and other licks that aren't famous, but still lovely. We know of the tenor, and were really happy with the production.

For Adam's 30th birthday, we decided to utilize another incredibly kind Christmas gift, this one from Adam's brother Nate and his wife Kristine. They had gotten us a night at "the last B&B in Provo," called Hines Mansion. We had such a cozy and relaxing retreat. After eating at Carrabba's, we opened gifts and ate salted caramel cheesecake with chocolate ganache in our room (ground floor, no stairs!). In the morning, our hostess fed us delicious Cream-cheese French toast with Strawberries and we went home to our children. Adam was happy because no one made a big fuss about his birthday and he didn't have to hear the birthday song, and I was happy because it was just so relaxing and fun (and I think it's the first time since we've met that he's really enjoyed his birthday).

Finally, just this last week Adam and I got to go to The Count of Monte Cristo at BYU thanks to the kindness of my cousin Eden. It was such an enjoyable night out together. It felt, once again, like we were dating or newly married. Thank you, Eden!

And this weekend, assuming I get out of this dratted hospital in time, we're planning on going to Barefoot in the Park at HCTO as part of yet another Christmas gift.

Go on dates with your spouse. I mean it.


brittney perry said...

These dates sound AMAZING - I only wish I had thought to gift you a date myself. And Chris has been trying to get me to choose a babysitter for weeks, but I am chicken, and I keep putting it off. But you're right, I just need to do it.

ashley mikell said...

I am glad we are not the only ones who don't leave our children. When she hears us talk about going on a date, Lyla always says, "and Lyla will come too!?!" So I guess I don't have the heart to leave her now. :) but those all sound lovely!!

Jamie Christensen said...

This is so sweet. All the dates sound so fun! Especially glamorous Hines Mansion :)

And Imitation Game was great, right? I thought it was fascinating—I definitely want to track down the book it was based on at some point and read more.