Thursday, February 12, 2015

Silly Rafe

Because you haven't seen pictures of my children in too long.

And here's a little story about Rafe that I wasn't present for, but is too good not to share. Thanks to Adam's mom for passing the story along.

One evening while I was in the hospital, Adam and the kids ate over at his parents' house. After dinner, Rafe was rough-housing with his grandpa (because he's an active almost-three-year-old), and climbed up onto the couch and from there onto Grandpa's shoulders. He then proceeded to ask for a piggy-back ride (I going to guess that it was more of a demand than a request, but manners have never been Rafe's strong suit). Adam's dad obliged, but said, under his breath, 

"This is more a shoulder ride, not really a piggy-back ride." 

Lydia chased Grandpa around during Rafe's ride, and then it was her turn. He threw her over his shoulders and ran around the room, chased this time by Rafe. After carting my surprisingly solid kids around the room, he naturally wanted a rest, and sat down. Rafe immediately asked for another piggy-back ride. Adam's Dad said no because he needed to rest and that Rafe had already had a piggy-back ride. Rafe piped up and said 

"That was not a piggy-back ride. It was a shoulder ride." 

Apparently after the adults stopped laughing he did get another ride.

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Dad Walton said...

Your child is more intelligent than I had realized.