Saturday, July 10, 2010

Staten Island Ferry or the cheap way to see the Statue of Liberty

Spoiler: photo of Lydia on this blog. I know, Shocker, huh.

We had to keep her from getting sunburned on that bald head somehow.

Fun, relaxing and free! Highly recommend it.


Rachel said...

Holy Smokes! I love these pictures! They are so Bonnie and Adam. And Lydia's pictures is the most fantastic of them. I am so glad you are loving NY!

Anne Burnett said...

The second to last picture is a really lovely one of you, Bonnie.

britt said...

So I'm driving to Ossining this week, and I was hoping it was closer to the City so I could have lunch with you. I just googled it, and it's too far away for a lunch date...

bummer. but I want you to know, that I was like, A) I could go see a show and B) I could see Bonnie. And I know it looks like you only got the "B" status, but I've been trained MY ENTIRE LIFE to think NYC=Broadway. It only took you a few weeks to make it to second place after a lifetime of programming.

longest comment ever.



Bonnie said...

Thanks Rachel! We are loving NY - hope you're loving wedding planning! :)

Anne, thanks! Isn't Adam a great photographer?

Britt - now I'm sad. Sad that you didn't get your Broadway show and that I didn't get my lunch date. However, from the sounds of it, your life is completely hectic right now, so I guess at least you don't have another thing to schedule in. Good luck with everything and great job with keeping up the blog in these crazy days.