Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Thoughts

Happy Fourth of July! We celebrated with a walk in the park, long naps during church (for more than 1 of us - Wheps!), and raspberries, blackberries and cream for an evening dessert. That was the closest I could come to a festive treat, considering that we don't really bake around here and blueberries are not even in the same goodness league as blackberries.

Our bishop asked us if you have to have a beard to be a singer. We laughed.

Lydia gave me a bloody nose. I assume this is a harbinger of things to come and am imagining all the things I will endure at the hands of my children. I am not looking forward to vomit.

Adam has been really enjoying his Opera program at Caramoor. He even had a celebrity sighting when he ran into Sonia, a choreographer on SYTYCD, in the elevator in their building. He's also seen the original Elfaba from Wicked. Basically, he's famous. He gets along with everyone in the program great, and gets invited to some fun parties. We chose not to go the 4th of July one, where the main attraction was a bathtub full of ice and booze, and Adam opted out of the MuuMuus and eyeshadow party, which is a shame, since he cuts a nice figure in tentlike dresses.

I discovered the joy of picking out books to read to your child. Seriously, I almost started skipping in the library when I saw the shelves and shelves of picture books so full of old friends. Now I need to make a list of my favorites that will someday be Lydia's favorites (or hated enemies) because I read them to her. Shaping a little mind is awesome.

Here are just a few I want to find: "Goodnight, Moon" (because "Goodnight, Bush," while funny, is lost on a wee one), "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs," "A Special Trade," "Oh, the Places You'll Go," "Blueberries for Sal," and so many more. We've already read a Madeline book, one of the Little Critter books, "Whistle for Willie" and "Make Way for Ducklings." Oh, and Adam has requested the book about the 7 brothers who can't be killed. Anyone know the name of that one, or have suggestions for more must-reads?

Loved the MOMA, but it was a madhouse. Apparently the free Friday nights is not a well-kept secret.

We also went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I had forgotten how monstrously large it was. We saw the Egypt stuff and a bunch of Japan before sinking into an art-induced trance. We just wandered through the European paintings section with glazed eyes, oblivious to the masterpieces. We just wanted an exit, and when we found that, we wanted food. That hot-dog vendor at the bottom of those steps makes BANK. One walk through Central Park and one long subway ride got us home to rest our sore feet.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of us at the Met. Not that I like taking pictures of the art, but it would have been nice to have documentation of us being there, seeing the art. Next time, we've decided we'll go and see ONE section, no more. ONE, you hear me? ONE.

There will be a new Lydia post up in a few minutes. Let me know if you need an invite.


Linda said...

Adam's thinking of The Five Chinese Brothers by Claire Huchet Bishop--yes, I looked that up. But it's a classic.
Old faves: Where the Wild Things Are; The Frog and Toad series; everything by Mercer Mayer or Judith Viorst; Corduroy
Newer awesome books: Don't Let Pigeon Drive the Bus; Click, Clack, Moo; Squids will be Squids

Kristine said...

We LOVE books too. And the library in Indiana is the MOST AMAZING library I've ever been to.

Linda's favorites are some of ours, too. We also love the authors Don and Audrey Wood. They do "The Napping House", "King Bidgood's in the Bathtub", "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear." Those are a few of our favorites of theirs.

I also love The Bike Lesson by Stan and Jan Berenstain. And Ferdinand by someone I forgot. I'd also try some of Sandra Boynton's since they're really good for very young children.