Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shack Attack

I have wanted to go to the famed Shake Shack for awhile. Because it's famed. So we went.
But not to the original Shake Shack. The line is supposed to be hours long. Seriously - they have a camera online that you can watch to check how long the line is. I, being a kind wife, decided not to put Adam through that, and instead went to the second installment of the Shake Shack, which still had a long line, a longer wait, loud music, and no available tables. We ate on a bench outside the Museum of Natural history.
Good shroom-burgers - so much cheesy goodness.
The fries were meh for us.
Adam thought his strawberry shake was kinda generic.
I loved my "Concrete" - basically a custard shake with yummy mix-ins.
So...good, but not that good. And certainly not worth the price tag. If you look closely at the pictures, you can see that Adam turned the S's on the bag into $'s. I laughed, but only because it was true.

If I were writing a review, which I guess this kind of is, I would say "Go for the experience, but probably only once. And don't waste money on the fries."

This post won't run until Tuesday, but I'm writing it on Sunday night. Based on requests from my Mom to blog more often, I'm creating a batch of future posts. It's hard to post during the day. I usually wait until the evening, in the "Golden Hours" after bedtime for the little one. Am I the only one that looks forward to those hours after bedtime and stays up way too late during them?

If this post-dating posts thing is working, there should be a new Lydia post up. As always, let me know if you need an invite.


Em Rob said...

So funny! Keep the reviews coming!

mom said...

All parents love the moments after their children are in bed.

Katie said...

You are definitely not the only person who does that. It is currently after midnight here. Why am I still up?

Oh, and I would love an invite to your Lydia blog :)

Kristine said...

"Golden Hours" are my favorite too. And yes, that is why I stay up so late too.