Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hi again

So...I've realized that I tend to take blogging breaks whenever life gets stressful for me. Or just busy. I guess that makes sense - the blog gets neglected instead of the baby or something. The busyness has definitely been present during the last month or so. It started with my Dad coming into town, followed by my 3 younger siblings. Then we had to move out of our apartment, get back to Utah, finish up two online classes, pack our lives onto a semi (that we didn't have to drive out to Indiana ourselves), go to a weeklong family reunion, then move to Indiana and unpack the lives that had been on a semi. Kinda crazy, but things seem to be settling down. We have a nice little townhouse with lots of space here, and, most importantly - Lydia has her own room. We're all much more rested these days.

Adam has had orientation this week, including some brutal tests, and will start classes next week. We've already gone to our ward, which we quite enjoyed, and we maybe even learned a few names. Although this town is nothing like New York, we think we'll like it here.

So - I hope to be posting a few things to update you on what has happened in the last little while (mostly during the last few weeks in New York, because that filled up my camera cards and I didn't have anywhere to empty them until we got to Indiana). I will also be posting pictures to Lydia's blog. For example, there's a new picture up now.


britt said...

I don't have your phone number and I want to catch up.

mom said...

thanks for posting. With how busy our life has been I haven't even checked until now. So glad things are working out for you well in Indiana.