Monday, October 5, 2009

Pretty good odds

Adam has been working on applications for summer programs. He's applying to several, all of which would pay him (at least a bit) to sing. I approve of this step - getting paid to sing. We're not sure how stiff the competition is, but we did run into a bit of info that seemed encouraging. This is a blurb from the website of one of the programs Adam is applying to.

How many applicants do we receive?
Below are the averages of our auditions data covering the last seven years:

  • No. of applicants 545
  • No. of applicants scheduled 455
  • Age range 21-approximately 35
  • Sopranos 226
  • Mezzos 78
  • Tenors 50
  • Baritones 45
  • Bass-Baritones 9
  • Basses 6
Adam is a Bass-Baritone. Looking pretty good, eh? Of course, they only hire 26 or 27, but still, we're glad he's not a Soprano, because that's freaking ridiculous.

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