Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lots of time

So, I'm officially unemployed. There are pros and cons to this situation, the pros being that I no longer have to sit for long periods of time (you'd be surprised how uncomfortable this is when 7 months pregnant) and that I now have loads of time to get ready for the baby to come. On the con side, we don't have very much income and the word on the street is that babies are expensive. Who woulda thunk.

In all my newly acquired time, I've got big plans. I checked out a bunch of books on photography, and I'd like to create some skills in that department, and I'm going to make a quilt (and possibly some other items) for our incoming munchkin. This blog may be somewhat resurrected and become an arena for showing off my mad skillz. Yes, that's a z. I'm such a gangster.

Also, I'm hoping to read a lot. If anyone has suggestions for things to read (either baby/parenting related or completely for fun/interest), let me know.

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Stubbs said...

My friend swears by "Baby Wise". Actually I think the full title is On Becoming Baby Wise.