Monday, October 12, 2009

Economics news

I'm not heavily involved with the world of economics these days (bad econ major), but I would like to point out the fact that for the first time since the creation of the Nobel Prize for Economics, the prize has gone to a woman, Elinor Ostrom.

I should be all for this, correct? The only problem is that she's not even an economist - she's a highly decorated political scientist. Steven Levitt, one of the authors of Freakonomics (and Superfreakonomics, coming out in a week or so), predicts that economists will be more upset over this than Republicans were over Obama winning the Peace Prize (which is a completely different discussion, so if you put anything in the comments that is remotely similar to the tirades on facebook a few days ago, I'll hate you forever. Just Kidding. Probably).


miss britt said...

lol. this is amazing. hilarious. sad. and amazing.

Kristine said...

The funniest thing about this post is that I read yours and then went to another blog of some good friends from Bloomington. He posted about this woman getting the Nobel Peace Prize and was very happy about it because she was a favorite professor of his. He even has a picture of her with him standing next to her. How ironic!