Saturday, October 31, 2009

Men are funny - or maybe just Adam

Adam does not know our home phone number. It has not stuck in his brain (partially due to a complete lack of effort). The home number is the only way of getting hold of me. As he carries a cell phone (or portable phone book), this isn't usually a problem. However, every once in a while his phone dies or he leaves it home. Then, when he needs to talk to me (to ask for a ride home, say), he's in a bit of a lurch. A couple times he has just walked home, but the latest instance cracked me up. 

The phone rang. I answered and was surprised to hear Adam on the other end, since I knew his cell phone was sitting right next to me and that he didn't know our digits. 
"How'd you get this number?"
"Oh, I just called University Info, and got the number for the housing office, called them, and asked for the number for our apartment. No biggie."

I laughed at the rigamarole he had to go through just to speak with his wife and suggested that he just memorize our number. No action has yet been taken.


Rachel said...

Ha ha. That's actually hilarious.

Stubbs said...

Or that one time he was plain lazy, and asked me to ask you via G-chat.