Monday, October 12, 2009

Making the lives of pregnant women everywhere easier

It is with great chagrin that I post this picture, but rest assured, I am only attempting to prove a point.This picture was taken last night, so we're looking at 33 weeks, 1 day (yes, I have gotten to the point where each day is significant, in that it gets me one day closer to not being pregnant anymore). This period during my life shall henceforth be known as "a time of great largeness that I'd rather not talk about." I can do this for 7 more weeks, right? I hear it's worth it...

That, believe it or not, was a tangent. The real point is to show off the dress that I'm wearing. I've been considering investing in a nice maternity dress for awhile, just because they look so comfortable and easy to wear, and also because up to this point Sundays have been kind of rough, with my wardrobe of skirts not made for pregnant women. Uncomfortable doesn't even begin to describe it. My wonderful mother took pity on me and bought this dress, considering it an investment that will be passed on to my sisters when they have kids, etc. So I now own a maternity dress. Let me tell you, it is heaven. This thing is so freaking comfortable. I put it on for something earlier this week (on a weekday) and then just didn't change out of it because it was so nice to wear. Moral of this story: Maternity dresses are a pregnant woman's best friend.

This was all fresh in my mind while browsing the internet a few days ago, when I came across these.
What a genius idea! Of course we'd need an LDS appropriate version (possibly in better colors), but I thought this looked cool.

*found via swiss miss


r o y a l said...

bonnie i had no idea you are pregnant!! Where the freak have I been?! congratulations!!

Bonnie said...

Thanks! I guess I haven't publicized it much, sorry!