Thursday, February 6, 2014

The little things

Recently, I have been trying to notice the little joys in life, like

  • The way Lydia calls our town (or any place, really) "our village." "The church in our village is a loooonnng way away."
  • Hanging up Adam's button-up shirts and then hanging up miniature Rafe-sized versions of those shirts alongside of them
  • Watching my children play with the people who love them, like their Dad or a couple of my siblings who have come to assist in the last couple of weeks
  • Having good conversations with friends or family
  • My sister calling nearly everyday just to chat
  • The feeling of going to bed with a clean (semi-clean) house
  • My nightly ice-cream (I have a problem)
  • Books! Reading to my kids is so much more rewarding than I would have expected. And we just got a huge box of new/old books from my Grandma Bonnie
  • Listening to Lydia's vocabulary "I'm having struggs getting my pants on"
  • Dressing up to go on a "Treasure Hunt" with both children
  • The moment of silence at dinner just after the prayer when everyone digs into their food and I can finally breathe
  • Laughing with Adam
  • The satisfied smile on Rafe's face when he has successfully explained to you what he wants
  • How beautiful my children are when they are asleep. The peaceful look of their quiet faces, the innocence in their chubby cheeks, the way they hold onto their comfort "stuffies (as Lydia calls them)" even deep in slumber, and the shape of that teeny body under a cozy blanket. 
Anyone have any little joyful moments to share?


brittney perry said...

First of all nightly ice cream is the greatest idea every. Run with it. And I'll be brining that tradition to my village.

ashley mikell said...

I am, once again, so uplifted by your optimism. You are such a light. And I agree with Britt.

Rachel said...

Joyful moment? Reading blog posts from dear friends. Love you and this latest post. :)

Bonnie said...

Britt -
It's a doctor approved ice cream habit. Score. Current favorite: Chocolate Cookie Crumble.

Ashley -
Thank you for your kind words. I love reading your blog and don't comment enough. Lyla is too cute!

Rach - I feel the same about reading your posts! You are the best!

Whitney Hardie said...

Last night Wren kept waking up with a cough that was disrupting her sleep. I was surprised at how not miserable it was to have her sleep on my chest on the couch for a while. It was sweet.

Mom Walton said...

Love your thoughts and am re-reading them again

r o y a l said...

A joyful moment for me.... here's a good one. my child currently thinks that he should spit on people. when he's scared, upset, mad, saying hi - it all comes with him spitting. which is AWFUL. like, seriously terrible. but sometimes, I tell him that he can't do something and he looks at me and spits, and instead of wanting to blow my brains out (like I normally do), I have to stifle laughter as I put him in timeout. Because who does this two year old think he is that he spits at me when I deny him candy?! It's like he's a teenager already or something and I should be grounding him instead of putting him in timeout.
Also joyful is when we make it through a short period of time with no spitting. That's always nice.

Emily Hickok said...

I can definitely relate to a few on this list. But definitely love being with family.