Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rafe at 2

The other day I ran across the word rapscallion in something I was reading and had to think twice about whether it had positive or negative connotations. After looking up the exact definition, I said to myself, "That is my little boy." The kid has taken mischief to a new level. And it's not just him exploring by getting into things and destroying things, it's him pushing peoples' buttons because he thinks it's absolutely hilarious.

When I take off his diaper to change him, he squirms away, delighting in streaking through the house in the buff. Adam has learned not to try and put shoes on in front of him, since it always results in Rafe stealing one and running away with it. His hands-down-favorite activity is getting his sister riled by picking up one of her toys and saying "Mine toy." The list could go one with descriptions of the things he has poured on the flour, a count of how many books he has torn up, and the number of times I have had to run to turn off the microwave when he turned it on by himself (after filling it with spoons).
(Warning: bad phone pictures coming up)

Fortunately, not all his time is spent destroying our lives. He loves snacks, and food in general. Cars, toy animals, and various building sets can keep him occupied for hours. His counting is adorable, and singing songs makes him so, so happy. One of his favorite pastimes is a game with Adam called "Ride Dad," which is self-explanatory, and usually leads to Rafe feeling the need to climb on people, jump off chairs, and wrestle with anyone who is willing to be engaged. In completely unrelated news, Adam's back has been really sore recently.

In addition to hitting the terrible two's early and exhausting everyone around him with his antics, Rafe is seriously the sweetest little guy. He loves to read. He'll climb up on the big lazyboy in his room with a pile of books and pat the back of the chair next to him to indicate where I should sit. "Wight 'ere." So I'll cuddle up next to his curl-covered head and read the mouse book, dino book, owl book, or whatever new one is top on his list. Putting him down for bed stretches on and on because when I say "Last book," he says " 'Nother book" in an absolutely irresistible way.

He's a real snuggler who loves to give hugs and kisses (especially when his sister has decided she doesn't want to be touched). He is also easily soothed by a little back rub and his favorite song (at the moment: Jingle Bells - we're keeping the Christmas spirit alive). The feeling of his little head resting on my shoulder melts my heart and I remember that I am the luckiest mama on earth.

And now he's two and less of a baby than ever. I love you big guy; I'm glad you're in our family.

P.S. Thanks to my father-in-law for the first photo!


brittney perry said...

omg. coming home from vacation to a bunch of posts from you is the best thing ever.

Kristine said...

What a cutie! I think he and Ella will get along very well...or irritate each other like crazy! Must be the age! I love all those adorable pictures of Rafe.

Mom Walton said...

He is so incredibly adorable. I am excited to see him and his sister in a few months. Thsnks for the post.

Anne Burnett said...

What a cutie! Thanks for posting so many fun details about your darling boy, Bonnie. I completely understand about not being able to resist when he asks for something like, "nother book". McKell just started saying, "pease", so she pretty much gets whatever she wants around here.

Emily Hickok said...

Love this! What a cutie. Not gonna lie though... I wish the toddler age wasn't so emotional!