Monday, July 30, 2012

Who taught my toddler the phrase "Are we there yet?"

...because whoever taught it to her deserves a slow, painful death in the worst place on earth.

No, seriously. We made it back to Indiana. Our detour through Adam's mission (the Rochester/Palmyra/Buffalo area) was amazing and fun and perfect, the two long driving days were less perfect.

Lydia figured out pretty early that I had a stash of fun things for her and kept asking "Toy for Ly to play with?" only to be devastated when I ran out of things on the second day...Planning fail.

Rafe had forgotten about that abomination called a carseat during our summer and ended up screaming bloody murder for more than a couple hours of our trip...

We woke up in Bloomington the day after the trip and it felt like the entire summer had been a dream (I would say a bad dream but for the wonderful times we had with family and friends in NY).

The Sacred Grove was beautiful, peaceful, amazing and just what I needed.

Lunch at a gourmet restaurant in the smallest of small towns was hands down the best meal I've ever had.

Niagara Falls was awe-inspiring.

And all in one day. Pictures and posts to come.


Transplanted Italian said...

YOU ARE BACK!! I am so excited. We are going to the Fair on Friday evening, at around 6pm. Join us?
(I can't wait to see the pictures and more stories, we hope to go to Palmyra next summer and also, I have a lot of posts on a hold, I will post more about Nauvoo and Carthge soon).

brittney said...

um. so when I lived in syracuse I had some of the tastiest food of my life. however. there is no mexican food to be found upstate. what is up with that.