Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On the other side of the lens

Adam and I recently went through our photos and put together a photo book. We kept clashing over which pictures to cut. Never happy with the way I photograph, I was always in favor of cutting the shots of me, but Adam was insistent that we needed at least some with me in them, and since there are so few to start with, they all had to go in. 
"Bleurgh," I said.
Adam told me to hand him the camera more often and tell him to take photos of me and kiddos. 
 So I did and was reminded of why I prefer to remain unseen. These two were the best of the bunch of 30 or so. 
"Bleurgh," I say again.
In other news, the reason I wanted a picture was because I realized when we were out and about that all 3 of us were wearing plaid shorts. Then Lydia got wet/dirty and I changed her into the spare outfit I had with us: plaid shorts. 
Adam says I dress the children like myself. I guess I can see where he'd get that.
And you can barely tell that our shorts are plaid in this picture. You win some, but I think you lose more.


mom said...

I am glad Adam is planning to take some pictures of you and include them in your photos. The person taking the photos rarely gets in them. We need to see you too. I think you look great and as always, your children are adorable.

Katie said...

You look great! I miss your face.
And that's so funny that you were all in plaid.. What a stylish trio.

Bonnie said...

Katie, I miss your face too! I'll be back in Bloomington in a couple weeks so we'll have to do some fun Mom things together. Or ditch the kids with their dads and do fun non-Mom things.

Lauran and Dustin said...

We still dress Rosie in slightly stained onesies, and that is all. Our poor grandmas - having a style-less grandchild is such a child. And, Rafe looks just like Adam.

Jean said...

I have the same problem - hardly any pictures of me, or of me and the kids. It's lame being unphotogenic.