Monday, July 9, 2012


One thing that has surprised me in parenting a two-year-old is realizing how much she watches me. I am her world, so it's obvious that she'll do things the way she's seen me do them, but I hadn't thought of it until I noticed her phrasing things exactly like I do or carrying around a phone and keys (and metrocard in NY) ALL THE TIME.
Here's another example of mimicry (it actually happened awhile ago, but I just found the pictures and it made me laugh). I pulled out some potatoes to make for dinner and found that some little person had gotten in to them. Look closer.

They've all been poked repeatedly with a fork. Every single potato in the bag was like this. I don't know when she did it, but I can imagine her sitting down and working on each one of them. 
Basically, my two-year-old knows how to bake a potato.
Parenting win?


Katie said...

So helpful! :)

Jean said...

Definitely. Then the potatoes won't explode when they're baked in the oven! Two-year-olds are a joy.

Bonnie said...

They really are a joy, aren't they?

Kimberly and Tyler said...

Definitely a win! I love that she acts just like you (especially that she even carries around a metro card!). She is such a sweet little helper.