Monday, November 15, 2010

Walking with Mom

I loved having my Mom come visit a few weeks ago. Living away from anyone we know has made us crave human contact. Or friend contact. I look forward to the next time I'm going to see family for several months.
It was awesome to just walk around our neighborhood with my Mom and talk.
So who else is coming to visit?
I have lost my blogging mojo. Okay, who am I kidding, I never had it. But now I seriously have absolutely nothing to post on this blog. But I'm pretty sure some grandparents still want pictures of Lyds to see. So...I've got a whole slew of Lydia posts on her blog scheduled for about two weeks. There are new ones up now as well. Maybe I'll post from time to time on this blog but it might just die...
I might just be out-of-sorts because Daylight Savings time SERIOUSLY messed up my household and it might be permanent. I have given up counting the hours of sleep I get because it's just depressing. I know that hate is a strong word and at one point in my childhood we were forbidden to ever use it (We must have been a bunch of sourpusses), but I HATE Daylight Savings, and here is why:
Lydia, angel child that she is, used to sleep until 9:00. She would go to bed at 8, wake up to be nursed at midnight, sleep until 6, when I would nurse her and put her back down, and then go BACK to bed to sleep until 9. I can do with that amount of sleep.
Adam and I are night-owls, so we'd go to bed after her midnight feeding and I'd get about 8 hours of sleep, give-or-take. Even if she was teething or something and woke up at 3 to be nursed, it was still manageable. But as soon as that cursed DST hit, Lydia turned my life upside-down.
She still goes to bed at 8, but she wakes up at 11, then 2, then 4, then 6:30, at which time it is LIGHT outside, and then she's just awake. Like Awake awake. Like "Let's play, Mom!" and then proceeds to grab my hair and try to drag it to her mouth. And then I sit on the floor to play with her, but my tiredness convinces me that I could just lie down on our gross carpet and still play with her, but then she crawls on my head, places her hand on my neck and puts her full weight on it, and gives me a bloody nose with her knee as she crawls the full length of my body.
I'm dying here, people. If it weren't light outside at that last feeding, she'd go back to sleep just fine (like she used to). But it is. So she doesn't. And then her naps are all messed up too (think: short. and often. so we can't go anywhere and I can't nap), but I won't get into that. Have we discussed how I'm dying here? Thanks for being on the other end of my rant! Hope your kids like DST too!
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britt said...

so this is only marginally related. but when I first moved here and didn't know anybody? I was... I missed familiar faces. one of my ex boyfriend's roommates came to stay with me and when they showed up, we hugged and I started to cry because I was so happy to see a face that was really familiar.

parenthetically, it's much better now. but that first week... was a little rough for me.

Kristine said...

Bonnie, I'm so sorry. Life is especially hard when you are parenting on little sleep. And it doesn't help when you are far from everything you know and love.

Nate and I loved Bloomington...that's what we remember because we loved it so much when we left. But a lot of that was because of the people we loved, and those relationships and friendships took time to develop. I remember being pretty lonely that first semester especially. It got better and better over time. I just wanted to let you know that because we talked it up so much and I hope you haven't been disappointed.

But my other suggestion that I have heard other tired, desperate parents do is to put up a black sheet--thick, black material over the window in their child's room. It keeps the room pretty dark, even in broad daylight. I hope that helps. Days can seem eternally long when you are tired and trying to entertain a busy baby. Good Luck--and please call if you just want some distraction from the daily routine. I love to visit!

Kristine said...

Oh, by the kids are sleeping better than it sounds like Lydia is. But I just put Zach in his room for a tantrum and punching me--he's not quite himself and hasn't been ever since daylight savings. Rebecca's had some signs of tiredness, too. Daylight Savings is really not that great. Why, oh why did Indiana ever give in and say they would do it? The first two years Nate and I lived there, they didn't do it. And we LOVED it!

Anne Burnett said...

Here is my suggestion for your tiredness - make ADAM get up with the baby. :)

Katie said...

So, I like how the title of the post is "Walking with Mom" and there really wasn't very much walking with mom going on :)

Two words, blackout's basically artificial night, but just might do the trick to help you keep your sanity.

Stubbs said...

I agree with you. Kids + DST = craptastic

mom said...

Dad and I have a deal that I get up with nursing babies and he gets up with toddlers. It worked great. Mine all grew into toddlers and they all woke up Dad when they needed something.

I do agree with everyone about getting a dark curtain. The switch to central time from daylight savings time and back again is always hardest on children--and their parents! Good luck. Hopefully, things will get better.