Friday, November 26, 2010

I read a book!

I know, reading a book doesn't sound like an accomplishment, but I haven't had time to read and I haven't had anything I really wanted to read. But then I got a library card. Have I told you guys about the library in Bloomington? Awesome. The children's section has a play area with tons of toys that Lydia loves. The baby area is even fenced off so she doesn't get trampled by exuberant toddlers. SCORE! And their baby book selection is incredible. Lydia has started to like reading books (before it was more of a wrestling match to see if she would stay in your lap long enough to get through three pages) as long as they're interactive.
She likes to touch things, so anything that's got something to feel (Think Pat-the-Bunny, our favorite book) is great, but anything with flaps, like the Spot books, is awesome as well.
Also, she likes to turn pages (We just have to get it started for her) so we only read board books because she would rip normal pages. Anyway, we go to the library every week and get 10 new board books, at least half of which have to be interactive.

And then it occurred to me that there was a whole library there, not just the children's section. So, I placed a hold on "Catching Fire," book 2 of the Hunger Games series, which I had read the beginning of but not been able to finish. I was number 28 in line for the book, so I kind of thought I'd be waiting forever, but it only took a month or so.
Let's just say that I got the book one afternoon and had finished it by the next day. It was engrossing, but I have to admit that I was totally disappointed when I reached the end. I kept waiting for there to be something big to end it with and I feel like it ended before that happened. Maybe I was just so jaded by the people dying in the first book that the arena didn't give me that adrenaline rush I was hoping for.
Which is, I think, why I liked the first one. I'm not going to comment on it's merits as a piece of literature, but The Hunger Games was riveting. I couldn't put it down. And that's fun for me. I like when someone can tell a story in such a way that I care about the characters and want to give them advice about their life choices. Anyway, I've got a hold on Mockingjay (only number 33 in line!) so maybe that one will be more "exciting."

Have you missed the recent Lydia posts? Shame on you.

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