Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blocks - good for the husband too

I'm so glad I bought these blocks for Lydia. It honestly is just nice to have something to pull out for her to play with that is more interactive. I wasn't expecting it to be entertaining for Adam as well, but he seems to enjoy building towers for Lydia to knock over. You have to be sneaky, though. If she sees you building one, she'll knock over the foundation before you can finish a creation.

Variety is necessary in our lives, I've discovered. I am running out of things to do with Lydia, and since it has gotten pretty cold, going on walks and visiting playgrounds is getting more difficult. I'm open to any and all ideas for entertaining an almost-one-year-old child.
I guess the real thing that's getting to me is the lack of social interaction I have. I feel so unconnected to the outside world (Or anything, really). I don't get much computer time, except in the evenings when I'd like to spend time with Adam. So I do laundry, do dishes, vacuum, etc., and Lydia follows along, undoing what I do. And then I lie on the ground and play with her as she uses me for her personal jungle-gym.
I need a hobby. One that can be done with a tiny person around. Any ideas?
P.S. See pictures of Lydia here. I like what my older brother texted me a couple weeks ago. "Lydia's not such a Lyddle anymore. She's more of a Byggle." Yes. Exactly. The baby is turning into a little girl.
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Hilary said...

Wow, I have all the same thoughts and questions, too. Let me know if you find a good hobby that you can do while Lydia is awake.

Last winter Gabe and I read a lot of books, sang a lot of songs, and played with everything in the house. If he had a lot of energy to burn, I would use pillows and make obstacle courses. I would hold a treat or toy up at the end to get him to crawl over, under, and around. If you have stairs, another thing Gabe loved was sitting on my lap at the bottom of the stairs, then we'd throw balls and toys up the stairs and watch them roll down to us.

Christmas helps too. Gabe loved playing with decorations. Especailly jingle bells. And he loved just watching out the window when it was too cold to go out. Good luck!

Rachel said...

Oh wow. I wonder when that day will come and I'm afraid. But excited. I have no thoughts as to what to do to keep you so sane. I'll ask you in a few years.

Kate said...

Well, I should be the last person to give you advise because I entertain myself with chemicals all day. But even though it keeps me busy I need human interaction, which I do get with co-workers, roommates, other friends. Are there people in your ward who have kids that are the same age? I'm sure it's hard because you are still relativly new there but I think lunch dates or play dates for the little ones would be effective. But then again, who am I to say.
And...I wish I would have visited. Not, that I really could have because it was a crazy weekend. But it will.