Sunday, October 3, 2010

Natural History Museum and M&M Store and General Conference

T-rex and kidlums. We were actually kind of disappointed with this museum, but apparently we missed the rug made entirely from spider's silk.

Ooooh, M&M's. Lots of them. And loud music. Christian's face pretty much says it all. This was not a cool place. Who wants to buy an M&M figurine dressed as Santa anyway?

I made them pose like this. They love me for it.
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See Lydia at the Natural History Museum (and one of the highlights from "Night at the Museum") at If you need an invite, just email me at

How is your General Conference weekend going?
...thanks to the internet, have been watching in the comfort of our home, even though we no longer live in Utah.
...missed the first few minutes of the Saturday Morning session because the streaming over the internet only had sound for the choir, not the speakers. We, tragically enough, weren't able to blame Classical 89 (which we usually do for Conference issues), but could imagine the panic happening behind the scenes as they try to figure out which cord is unplugged, or which pot is down, or which button just needs to be pushed.
...enjoyed all the talks - following the prophet seems to be a theme, don't you think?
...missed having family around (especially for the Priesthood session - Adam went by himself and I sat at home wishing I had my sisters, Mom, aunts and Grandma to hang out with. Note to self: Make friends (easier said than done). But we did carry on a Walton tradition of the men coming home from Priesthood and sharing what they heard while we all eat dessert (dark chocolate brownies - yum).
...ate yummy cinnamon rolls this morning, which should be a General Conference Sunday tradition, don't you agree? Weirdly enough, Lydia was not a fan.
...think it's odd to be watching at 12 and 4 instead of 10 and 2, but it means I have time in the morning to blog. Sweet.

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Anne Burnett said...

Definitely adopt the cinnamon roll thing. We always have them the Sunday morning of General Conference, because it was a tradition when Russ was growing up. It's a good one!