Thursday, October 7, 2010

I love having a washer and dryer

And I love Craigslist. $50 bucks a piece, baby. Of course, that meant we had to get them home somehow.

Our little Nissan is surprisingly versatile.

Seriously, who needs a truck?

Both families we bought the washer and dryer from thought we were plumb-crazy. Maybe we are, and maybe I spent the drives home watching those appliances out the back window like a hawk. But hey, we made it.
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Laura said...

You are beyond awesome. This is the kind of thing I would always want to do but would get talked out of by someone else...

mom said...

We also think you two are a little crazy, but in a good way. We have brought tall fake trees home in Nissans, ladders, and many other items that should not have fit, but did somehow.

Bonnie said...

...we were totally legal and safe...clearly. Just making sure we have some excitement in our lives.