Friday, October 15, 2010

Evening Walks/Fall in Bloomington

I had heard that Bloomington has beautiful autumns. This year, it is certainly not disappointing. Lydia and I love the cooler weather (and I feel like we have cuter fall clothes for her than summer clothes - plus I get to put her in sweaters that just kill me) and have been spending more time outside now that I feel like we're not going to die of heatstroke.

Adam and I, in an effort to be less sedentary, have gone on a few walks in the evenings. I like the time we get to talk without distractions, and I've also gotten some pictures of the fall scenery.

Hopefully this tradition will continue and Adam and I will be less fat, and have more scenic pictures.

Yes, those are geese. I was unaware that Bloomington would bring me closer to nature, but it's true. The other day Lydia and I almost got attacked by a whole ton of ducks, and Adam (pushing the stroller) and I gave these geese a wide berth. Maybe it's an urban legend, but the word on the street is that angry geese can do some damage.

More Lydia pictures, for those who are interested, can be found here.
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britt said...

I have a 30 minute walk home every night and I LOVE it. it is, almost always, the highlight of my day. san francisco has some really beautiful views.

Bonnie said...

I bet - I'm really jealous that you get to live there. And your little apartment sounds so...I don't know...cozy and perfect and idyllic.

Kristine said...

I love your pictures. It's just like coming home for me. I can picture the exact locations and remember Nate, Rebecca, and I enjoying this walk too. So glad you're taking advantage of the picturesque fall in Bloomington.