Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a scaredy-cat, among other things

Before my famed blogging career began, I wondered how people did it. How do they open themselves up to the world, sharing the good with the bad, their highs and lows, the horrendous pictures next to the lovely ones. I admired their courage. I admired their honesty. So, in a moment of courage and honesty (heretofore undisplayed on this blog - I've been lying all along! *evil cackle*) I have a confession.

It's my husband's birthday today. My wonderful, amazing, perfect Adam's birthday.

...and I don't have a present for him.

In a few hours, I will post the glowing, congratulatory "You've reached two dozen years old!" post that Adam will roll his eyes at, but right now, I wallow in my lack of gift-giving skills.

It's not like I haven't thought about what to give him for weeks. Even before Christmas it loomed in the back of my mind (does that make sense? I think not, but it stays. *evil cackle*), the fact that less than a month later I would need another token of my wifely love. More presents.

I've never been good at it. I don't know how to give good gifts. It might be the procrastination. It might be the pressure to get something he'd like that I also thought about and shows my affection without being expensive or cheesy. It might be the lack of creative bones in me (econ major, hello). It might be the intimidation after the best gift ever, received by myself at Christmas. It could be a lot of things. That doesn't erase the facts.


So here's the deal. I had one idea, but they're out of print. And I had another idea, and they're closed. I had two other ideas, and they were lame. And then there was that other idea, and the price tag didn't fit. And I had TWO other ideas that are now shipping to the apartment, but they're not HERE!

So...I don't have a gift. I'm going to go give it one more try. Wish me luck. And, any advice on how to give good gifts? What do you give your significant other?

On a side-note, it took me forever to make all the sizes look correct on this post. Why is that? Why are you buggy, Blogger?

And it STILL doesn't look right!

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Anne Burnett said...

I cringe every time I think about giving Russ a gift. I always want to think of something meaningful, but that he will also really like, and might not think of himself. He has an Amazon wish list, but I hate defaulting to that, since it takes zero thought from me. It's really hard. And it's never going to end. There are years and years of gifts still to give. Sorry I have no advice. :(