Sunday, January 25, 2009

Celebrity Sighting

Friday, I ran into a person who's blog I stalk who does not actually know that I exist. Exciting, huh? Sister of a little sussy, just returned from New York after Grease closed on Broadway, and ripe out of surgery on her big toe due to an unfortunate altercation with a shower door, sitting in Macaroni Grill as nice as you please. Freaking out ensued, but don't worry, I felt a little sheepish. "Hi, I know you, but you don't know me. You're cool..." Don't worry, I didn't say anything, or try to snap pictures, or get a better look, or try for an autograph (Macaroni Grill provides crayons for this exact purpose, I'm sure). I hope I'm not that pathetic. She looked good, though.

Now, if I can just sight cjane and the kiddlums she's tending (Did I tell you that my sister and I considered trying to find them out trick-or-treating on Halloween? No, we're not creepy).

Ever done this? Run into someone you feel you know intimately because you read their online journal, but then become acutely aware that they have absolutely no idea that you're crawling around on the surface of this planet with them?

1 comment:

Natalie* said...

you should have come to say hi! ... next time...

xoxo mim