Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm an Opera Singer's Wife

I am oh so proud of Adam tonight. The wonderful guy has gone and distinguished himself again, garnering praise, adoration, and causing many girls to be jealous of me. We like this. So, here's the scoop. Sherrill Milnes: baritone, immensely famous, incredibly good, top-tier, etc. Have you heard of him? Just do the wiki thing. Let's face it, that will tell you all the info you need to know. He came to our dear school and did a master class, as well as working one-on-two with a lot of the students in the voice program. Apparently my love didn't get a whole bunch out of his one-on-two session, but he was asked to be one of the 6 students selected to sing at the master class. I would be scared-out-of-my-skin nervous about this, but Adam showed no fear at the prospect of singing in front of a) a world-class opera singer b) a concert hall full of people, including his professors, private teachers, and bosses c) not to mention the fact that after the glorious event, afore-mentioned world-class opera singer would critique his every move. Not my idea of fun, but hey, Adam's a performer; he probably loved every second. To make a long story short, he was the highlight of the night (No joke - the girl sitting next to me was squealing, yelling, cat-calling and jumping out of her seat when Adam was on stage. I quote: "Best performance of the night, hands-down - I love him!" Clearly, cute-little-blondie had no idea she was sitting next to the illustrious performer's wife. But, since she obviously knew more about singing than I do, I trust her opinion - and her taste in guys). Fawning and adoration ensued. The man is amazing. No wonder I'm in love.

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Monica said...

Great pictures, all.

Robyn said...

Don't forget my very important role in your romance. I take cash and checks, especially when people become rich and famous. :)