Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm beginning to doubt that we need a president

The latest fun in Presidential news:

John McCain, noble statesmen that he is, has "suspended his campaign" in light of the financial crisis. He claims that he will not appear in this week's debate unless a compromise is reached regarding the 700-BILLION dollar bailout plan (don't even get me started on absurdness of this stunning piece of legislation). Excuse me - WHAT?

Here are the two possible motives for this ludicrous move:

a) John McCain wants the nation to see him as a truly selfless individual: presidential material. He will put aside his fondest dream to ensure the survival of the nation.

b) John McCain has been looking for an excuse to avoid debating face-to-face with Obama (Let's face it, Obama will clearly come out looking better). This provided him with the perfect opportunity.

The way I see it, he's playing politics either way. This is not a noble gesture. It is a ploy to get votes. Dang it, McCain, have some kind of shame. Can you sink any lower?

Read the full story here.

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**UPDATE: And then McCain backs down and does the debate anyway. Way to stand up for your convictions, dude.


Stubbs said...

Hey may be if we don't meet our fundraising goals in the coming weeks, the government will bail us out.

miss britt said...

lol. I love you.

Coryn said...

maybe we can have a prime minister...

Bonnie said...

Our very own Tony Blair! Perfect.