Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The day I thought would never come

Rafe's curls got too long.

Cry with me, people. I truly thought that I would think his curls were adorable until the end of time, but one day they were fine, the next day they were so-so, and the third day they were definitely too long. So, with the moral support of my Mom, I cut them off. I also totally messed it up, but as my Grandpa Dalton used to say, "the difference between a good haircut and a bad one is three days."
He looks so old. :(


Anne Burnett said...

So bittersweet when they have to grow up.

Mom Walton said...

His hair still has curls and he is still adorable.

Dad Walton said...

I agree, he is still adorable. Are you saving the curls somewhere?

Bonnie said...

I thought about saving the curls, but ultimately decided not to. I have lots of pictures of them, and I don't think cut hair would retain the softness, which is really what I love about his curls.

Also, I didn't keep Lydia's hair...so let's try to keep things fair.

My Mom kept our first haircuttings (yes, all seven of us), but I don't know if she ever actually went back and looked at them. I think for me, a photo will do just fine.